Finally after years of getting unwanted items & doubles of it. I had luck and got an item I always wanted! I’m in tears, Finallyy!! :’) This doesn’t happen often.




No More Boring Fashion Shows!

Lately I’ve realized that fashion show tryouts are being so boring and the themes are being repeated over & over again, but I’ve gone to some fashion show tryouts where the themes were really creative & fun to do! So here are some new ideas for themes and they’re so creative:

  • Space 🌠
  • Victoria secret show (I love this theme)❣️
  • Sea animals 🐬
  • Dogs 🐶
  • Pajamas 🎀
  • Cowboys or cowgirls 🐮
  • The opposite gender 👨👩🏻
  • Old people (Like grandma or grandpa) 👴👵
  • Hospital (Like doctors, nurses or patients!) 🏥
  • Barbie doll 🎀🌹💅🏻
  • Black & white (Patterned) 🦓
  • Fast Food 🍕🍔🍷
  • Royal 👸🏻🤴🏻
  • Wedding 👰🏻🤵💐
  • Rich  people 💰💸
  • Fairy (Without wearing costumes maybe?)🔮
  • Fruits 🍉🍒
  • Sports (Without costumes too) 🏀🚴
  • A nerd 🤓
  • Careers (Like firefighters, teachers, waiters & etc)👮
  • Disco or a dance floor 💃
  • Singers (Like Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Melanie Martinez,etc)

That’s all for now, I’ve invented some new themes too. If I knew anymore new & creative themes I’ll be updating this post. ❣️ Have a nice time lovelies.💋


Hamster Paradise event!

The lemonade event just ended & a new event started! It’s called Hamster Paradise…Weird right?LOL. It seems cute for me tho ☺. It kinda looks like an event Fantage had 2 years ago..Here is it >> Similar Event.


So this Hamster needs our help to help him escape from his ball.


There is another part of the event coming soon, also new limited items & a free gift!

Here are tips to help the hammy escape faster > Tips. Since it’s similar to that event, it has the same tips tho!

I love the way I keep leveling up tho..Lol.


The prizes are some stickers, hamster outfit, shoes and a hamster mask. Don’t know if that’s all but that’s what I’ve found.


*not me*

I think the prizes look way cuter than the limited items. And yes they’re all for non-members too.



So I just checked my stats and that’s what I found! I don’t remember posting anything yesterday but I had 50 views. Wonder where are all those people now?!



Where are you?!

After coming back from a really long time, I see that I’m not the only one who left some of you guys really left and I don’t know if any of you is coming back. It’s sad. I remember how everyone loved Fantage and used to play all day, I remember when my reader was always full of Fantage related posts. I remember when my stats had so much views each day! Where are you guys?! Where are you hiding? What happened to all Fantage players & bloggers. Now my reader is dead & so is my stats. Seems like everyone had left. 😦 So sad about it.


Which one?

So I have a lot of coins where I don’t know where to spend it since everything is good now costs gold..I thought of buying something special with coins, since I always wanted a dancing costume I remember I always wanted one of these costumes but I never had enough coins that time. Which one do you think I should buy? I like the pink one so much but still need to take your opinion. I guess each one costs 3000 or more coins.


Which one?? ♥♥



I don’t believe it, it has been a year since the last I posted here..I’ve stopped playing Fantage for a really long time ago and I’m back,, not sure if I’m back all the time but I won’t open when it’s school again duh. Can’t tell how much do I miss posting here and playing Fantage. I’m also not sure if I can still edit cause I’m using a new laptop which has no editing programs yet..Posting & editing here was so much fun! I miss everything EVERYTHING ACTUALLY. I miss you guys if you still remember me? ♥

Here’s a cute new picture of me on Fantage ☺